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2019 Deadlift Competition

Join us for our first ever Deadlifting event!

We are hosting our first ever Deadlifting Competition! This event is open to everyone 14+ (you do not have to be a White Wolf member). We will have multiple classes and trophies will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in the following classes according to body weight:
High School Men
High School Women
Adult Men 18-45
Adult Women 18-45
Master 45+

Signup here:

The deadline for registration is March 23rd (No Exceptions). Once registration is closed we will not take anymore signups.

Entry Fee:
Students 20$
Members 20$
Non-members 30$

• This is a non sanctioned raw meet
• No supported suits allowed
• The only gear allowed will be a belt
• Lifter must wear footwear (no restriction)
• 3 attempts per lifter
• Weight cannot be decreased for 2nd or 3rd attempts.
• No lifting straps
• Shins must be covered by long socks or pants
• Singlet suit not required
• No loose clothing

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